Euromed Survey of Experts and Actors – Civil Society and social movements in the Euro-Mediterranean region

February 27, 2020
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The full contents of the 10th Euromed Survey are now available.

The focus of this year’s Euromed Survey emerged from the assessment at the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) that the human dimension must be (re)placed centre-stage of EuroMediterranean relations.

The publication contains the complete set of results and a descriptive report that provides an overall picture of the main results together with six analytical articles that echo some specific results of the Survey. Intissar Kherigi analyses the role of civil society in the context of the Tunisian transition, presenting a stimulating case study of the changing role of civil society organisations in the region. Another case study is presented in the contribution from Aziza Moneer who examines the issue of environmental activism in the Post-Arab Spring years. In a systematic manner, Richard Youngs looks closer into the reshaped civic politics in the region and its impact on Euro-Mediterranean relations. Jerzy Pomianowski offers an analysis of the challenges media face in the southern neighbourhood and calls for a re-set in crafting donor support to media in the EU neighbourhood. Itxaso Domínguez draws a critical assessment of EU’s engagement with civil society, while Zaid Eyadat evaluates the effects of foreign support to civil society, identifying the trend towards professionalized NGOs and the need to focus more on small and local social movements.

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