Med Pearls issues guidelines on innovative practices for the promotion of tourist destinations

April 23, 2021
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This study provides the reader with useful insights, recommendations, and guidelines for the implementation of a Digital Marketing strategy for small and emerging and/or slow tourism destinations.

Recommendations are based on a qualitative research developed involving seven case studies chosen for their uniqueness and creativity in the usage of digital technologies, and considering the characteristics and needs of the ENI CBC MED Med Pearls project.

The recommendations also aim to support the post-COVID-19 recovery of the tourism sector by sustaining the decision-making process to adopt the best practices for an effective digital marketing.

The main pillars of the Med Pearls project are: to attract tourism to less-known areas with a low number of visitors per year; to work on the deseasonalization of tourism offers and hence contributing to more job opportunities and local economic development; and to avoid the negative effects of mass tourism choosing a responsible and sustainable approach which preserves local communities’ identity.

Med Pearls Guidelines for the promotion and commercialisation of Sustainable Tourist Destinations