TEC-MED 3rd newsletter highlights progress in implementing transnational care model for the elderly

November 11, 2022
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The TEC-MED project works on a pioneering care model for elderly people with dependency and/or at risk of social exclusion. It takes place in 6 countries Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt, with 9 partners and 6 associated entities.
This project aims to respond to the challenge represented by the doubling of the population over 60 years and the increasing burden of care. Therefore, it focuses on an integrated cross-cultural model that is person-centered, with the goal of promoting good practices in socio-health care in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. In this sense, the TECMED project aims to foster social inclusion, gender equity and struggle against poverty, taking into account socioeconomic, cultural and ethical factors to encourage the comprehensive health of elderly people.
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