Heart wrenching and intimate, the documentary “Gaza and Idlib” sheds light on a number of projects that care for children in war zones such as Gaza and Idlib in northwestern Syria, by promoting a culture of tolerance and providing psychological support activities within an educational framework, explain its creators Mohammed al Kahlout & Mohammed Hasan-al-Rifai. A Palestinian journalism student and a Syrian professional reporter, the two men wanted to insist on the importance of education, amidst any circumstances. “Projects like those which preserve education even in a war zone are of the utmost importance. They pave the way for an educated generation that will help raise the level of society in the future,” stresses Mohammed Al Rifai.

Hailed as a success since its broadcast on the German channel Deutsche Welle, the piece nevertheless came from a strenuous process. “It was not easy,” remembers Mohammed al Kahlout, who said they faced a great dilemma in choosing the best projects to represent their cause. “It took us over a month to decide which ones…”

Joining forces on an innovative form of journalism was also a challenge for both of them, who had no background in such joint reports. “We had been in touch for years but we had never thought of working together. This competition was a great push for us,” says Al Rifai, who envisions the production of more joint reports in the future. The TANDEM expressed their emotion and honour to receive the prize “precisely because it is presented by the European Union itself. This will open up so many opportunities for us.”

TANDEM Media Awards

The TANDEM Media Awards is a media content creation competition based on the concept of collaboration between a pair, opened to journalists, journalism students and artists in the following countries and territories: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.

On 9 September 2021, the EU Neighbours South Programme launched the 1st edition of the TANDEM Media Awards, a media content creation competition opened to journalists, ...
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