Libya: concrete support under examination

January 19, 2016
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Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative and Vice-President of the European Commission, commented on Libya at the end of a session of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Monday 18 January. In her comments, she announced concrete and practical decisions on the effective implementation of the National Government Agreement. 

“We have started discussing priorities in the European Union’s support to the future Government of National Accord. We expressed our common hope that this will come into effect soon, hopefully in the next hours”, she said. 

Mogherini added: “we also shared unanimously the priorities for the European Union’s support to the future government: to focus on support to the municipalities, also counting on the huge network of European municipalities and local authorities that Europe has – in coordination also with the Committee of the Regions – on border management”. She also indicated that there were other issues, including security sector reform, that the EU would be ready to explore with the Libyan authorities once they are in place.
In her remarks at the end of session she also addressed  other topics discussed by the Council that gave rise to statements, specifically concerning Syria, the Middle East and the refugee crisis (see the video)

Countries covered:

  • Libya
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