European Training Foundation new study: focus on skills demand and labour market in the EU neighbourhood

February 26, 2021
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The European Training Foundation (ETF) launched a new study entitled “Changing skills for a changing world”.

The report provides a perspective on skills needs in an evolving labour market in transition and developing countries and highlights common features in terms of emerging skills needs and the future of work across different countries.

This new study is a collection of articles from researchers from the ETF and from countries such as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Morocco. It indicates that jobs in manufacturing, construction, and agriculture are those most at risk of automation and digitalisation. Job polarisation is a recurring trend, increasing the gap between the high and low skilled workers. Investments in digital infrastructure and in the reshaping education systems are needed for countries to compete in the global market and adapt to emerging needs.

Traditionally workers moved to where they could find an employer. With globalization, employers delocalized some of their business to where they could find workforce. Now, increasing numbers of jobs go to those who have the right skills, irrespective of location. Skills become the driving force of future labour markets”, said Cesare Onestini, Director of the ETF when presenting the findings of this publication.  

As highlighted in the report, 20% of workers in the EU neighbourhood are in jobs for which they are overqualified, although their skills often do not correspond to the needs of employers.

The study provides recommendations on how to tackle this mismatch, and how to adapt the skills provision: beyond a restructured education system, effective services for the school-job transition as well as a more focused skills development are desirable.

Alongside the report on ‘Changing skills for a changing world’, the ETF published three case studies focusing on Israel, Turkey and Morocco.

The European Training Foundation is the EU agency supporting the countries of the EU neighbourhood to reform their education, training and labour market systems.

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