The most striking thing about Kaoutar Cherrahi is her infectious smile and ringing laughter. At only 23 years old, Kaoutar exhibits a high level of maturity. She can engage with older people, understand them, but can also be a kid and play and joke. She sometimes frees her inner child, but most of the time, she is focused on helping others.


Kaoutar’s defining trait is her kindness, as she’s always seeking opportunities to help others. It was this drive to aid others that ultimately led her to become a content creator. Specifically, she hoped to provide guidance and support to young people preparing for the baccalaureate exam during their final year of high school.


At first, Kaoutar had an online group with some friends, sharing tips and knowledge on how to succeed in the exam. When she found there wasn’t a lot of engagement on their side, she began posting brief videos that shared study tips and advice. She hoped that some people who were more motivated and needed the help would stumble upon the videos. Quite a lot of people did, and she started steadily gaining followers. From that moment on, Kaoutar knew she had found her calling. She continued to create content, not just about exams, but for any topic she thought might help others. She prides herself on having “very diverse content including education, culture, food and travel” as she’s just “trying to be herself”. Even when creating “lifestyle” content, Kaoutar always includes an underlying message that urges individuals to embrace their true selves and help others. Through her storytelling, she endeavors to convey meaningful narratives that can promote positivity and raise awareness.


“I could have been selfish, but I always just give, give and give. And when you give from the heart, it’s so easy to connect with people.”


As a child, Kaoutar’s dream career always changed. She wanted to be a doctor to heal people, a lawyer to defend people, and she even wanted to have superpowers so she could save people. “It’s always motivated by helping others,” she said.  Kaoutar never lost her inner child, and she remained true to herself, always striving to help others in any way she could.


The EU to her is linked to this drive to help others “To me, the EU means unity. Despite different languages and cultures, they come together to help each other and to help other countries.”



Keep going. Simply keep going, that’s my motto in life. No matter what, with work, studies or anything, just keep going.

#InTheirEyes 2

On 7 May 2022 and during a LIVE session in the presence of 12 EU Goodwill Ambassadors from the Southern Neighbourhood, the EU Neighbours South Programme launched the 2nd edition of the #InTheirEyes, a competition aimed at digital influencers in eight countries of the Southern Neighbourhood: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.