MedSNAIL in Tunisia held two local markets in Kerkennah and Sfax regions

July 25, 2023
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On the occasion of the Exhibition of Traditional Industries under the theme of “Our heritage is a cultural heritage… An economic resource” and the Night of Ideas 2023, the University of Sfax organised two local markets last May 2023 in the Tunisian regions of Kerkennah and Sfax, respectively.


The Exhibition of Traditional Industries was opened in the Slow Food office in Al Ramla, Kerkennah. The exhibition was organised by the itinerant and public library in Kerkennah in partnership with the Al Majarra Association and the nursery school Ennokhba Kerkennah in the framework of the celebration of the Heritage Month.


The exhibition of local products of Kerkennah was a point for the dissemination of local products that provided consumers access to fresh, locally grown produce. This initiative contributed to support smallholder farmers, build bridges between urban customers and rural producers from the Kerkennah and Sfax areas, and foster customer loyalty to the farmers who grow their produce. Some of the exhibited products were typical of the region of Kerkennah and had been selected in the framework of the MedSNAIL project to be included in the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, such as: Rotbi, Rob, Kerkennian Date Palm sap juice « Legmi», Zammit makhdour, Barley bread « Jardkaa » and Prickly pear vinegar.

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